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I'm "getting the band back together" and starting to record. It's been a while since my Cakewalk Days. In the past I sent the Midi data directly into my computer and then back out to a Roland JV-1080 and then back into my computer to record it digitally with the sound.

Now I've heard that you can send the midi data into Sonar 6 and then apply the sounds directly in Sonar and you don't have to go back out and in. How is this done?

Also, sound library's, we mainly record contemporary, light rock, any recomendations on sound librarys?

Thanks for the help, glad I found this forum.


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Aug 21, 2007 09:55 am

Welcome to HRC.

That is done with Softsynths...look at Cakewalk Project5 for info regarding a great collection of softsynths. They are essentially sample players. The MIDI triggers the audio samples you select in any given synth that is assigned to that MIDI track in the project. Different softsynths have different options for editing, tweaking and warping the sound samples.

I use Sonar 6, it's awesome. Insert a VST instrument and it will create the audio and MIDI tracks for it, then open that synth and tweak away.

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Aug 22, 2007 05:11 am

yep...basically a 'soft synth' is handeled EXACTLY the same way as whatever midi device as you're used to using when you send midi out of your computer.....only difference is, you can't physically touch it.

soft instruments usually are: synth's, samplers, looping devices, and effects.

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Aug 22, 2007 07:45 am

I know the Sonar5 producer has the Cakewalk 'TTS' soft synth. I would load the soft synth to the board and then click the midi track's input to 'TTS' and then freeze the track, which will show a wave form on the 'TTS' track. I would then copy and paste that to an open track, go back and unfreeze the 'TTS' track, change the midi back to it's original input device, then go to the next midi track.

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Aug 22, 2007 06:49 pm

Whoa, the TTS has 16 channels to use for inputting up to 16 midi tracks without having to freeze anything. This allows up to 16 different instruments in the TTS alone.

I would suggest taking a look at something like Cakewalks Dimension Pro. It has a huge library of sounds from the likes of what you are looking for to abstract synth sounds, pads and orchestral goodies. There are a couple of add on banks as well now that will fill almost any void.

If you tell me exactly what type of synth sounds you are looking for I can help you pick a software synth or two that will fill the part nicely.

And I also suggest using the synth rack view as it makes it so much easier to work and set up you synth tracks.

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