Can't play MIDI files on Sonar 6 using Delta 1010LT

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Hi there!

I need help on this concern. My objective is to play along MIDI files by muting the drums tracks and record my own playing the drums. I run the drum mics thru a Carvin C844 mixer and connect its direct out to the Delta 1010 inputs.

I first started by just importing a MIDI file in Sonar and try to play it. I got inconsistent results, sometimes it plays, sometimes it doesn't. I set the MIDI outputs in Sonar to "Delta 1010 MIDI" (other options are: MPU-401 and Microsoft MIDI mapper). On the control panel of the OS, I set the MIDI playback device to "Delta 1010 MIDI" as well (other option is Microsoft GS Wavetable). In this setting, I don't have any audio output. I tried to set the MIDI playback device to Microsoft GS Wavetable and was able to hear audio. When I tried to add Audio tracks in Sonar and Arm the record button, I get the message: Unable to play audio device or the Audio device does not support the file format. Why is this so? I tried to restart Sonar and go back to playing the MIDI file. Now I don't have audio again. I tried tweaking the MIDI output settings again and was able to have audio output using the MPU-401 setting. Please help. I believe Sonar can play and record Audio and MIDI files at the same time.


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Czar of Midi
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Aug 10, 2007 07:41 pm

If you have Sonar 6 you have a general midi synth called TTS-1. It can be used to playback the midi files you are loading. You need to open the tutorials and view the section on using it and loading it. You can also assign other synths for palying back your tracks as well.

but you need to know that the software synths must playback through the 1010, it is not a synth itself, nor does it contain one.

Since: Jul 18, 2003

Sep 14, 2007 09:38 am

I had finally get back to my home studio and tried out your suggestions. It's working!!! Thanks a lot!

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