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need help with Cubase. I have uploaded a bunch of tracks that we recorded on an 8-track onto Cubase (about 35 tracks so far). My problem is that the now when I listen back for mixing the music stutters like a scratched cd. What are all of the things that could be causing this (i.e. not enough CPU power, not enough RAM, etc.)? And what are the ways to fix it.

I am using a laptop with 3.2 GHz CPU, a gig and a half of Ram, and whatever soundcard came with it. My main concern is that it might be the soundcard, but I don't think I can change that in my laptop.

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Czar of Midi
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Aug 04, 2007 06:39 pm

Looking at the specs of the laptop I would say odds are really good it is the sound card. A stock built in sound card cannot deal with high track counts or low latency at all. But as far as getting a different sound card you do have alternative's. Either USB or Firewire, USB being the slightly more user friendly of the two choices. A higher grade sound card will allow the tracks to be imported and played back or recorded an played back with much less latency which in turn will make for a more stable sound when playing back that many tracks.

Here are just a few of what is available out there.

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