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I am running Cakewalk Plasma and Peo audio 9
can anyonw tell me why on two computers anytime I try to record or edit or do anything with the programs the puter crashes
Both of them are doing the same thing so whats up
I am only running 512 of ram on both puters
could that be the problem
I want to upgrade to better sound cards and programs but not untill I fix this problem thanks

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Prince CZAR-ming
Since: Apr 08, 2004

Jul 15, 2007 09:00 am

Maybe your music is so bad, that . . .

no, just kidding.

What version of windows? and have you done any patches / updates from windows?

Do you use the two PCs on the internet? Do you use IE for browsing? If yes, do you clean for malware?

If you're interneting on them, I'd suggest:

1. get adaware and spybot. update both definition files.

2. run adaware a few times, at least 2, with spybot after both.

3. let windows do it's updates, like patches and such. They often fix their own programming errors, but not always quick enough.

4. download and install firefox 2.x. This will keep you from getting any new malware through IE. IE is a known malware magnet.

5. Don't use IE anymore.

---- no matter what fix you come to, using firefox is a good idea regardless. ----

Hopefully that was your problem, because these are all free fixes (minus labor, and download time).

If this isn't the case, then you'll need to give a very detailed list of what's in your computer: hardware & software.

I'm thinking that either it's the malware problem outlined above, or it's some sort of vicious program you've (or something else) has loaded.

Here's another thing to check: click on start -> run, and type in msconfig (and press enter).

Go to the last tab (startup) and there's a list of the stuff that's running when you start windows. There may be some malicious code getting loaded in there. But, but, there may be things loading that you want to load, so tread lightly when unchecking things.

If you're not real versed in windows fixing, then find one that you're not sure what it does, and uncheck it. Then restart windows and try your programs. If it didn't fix it, then you can turn it back on, or leave it off, and try a different one (going back into msconfig each time).

Also, you can get a malicious program that loads itself into here (and other places) that won't easily go away. This could very well be the problem to. Hopefully not. Hopefully it's just a problem fixed by adaware, but it's a possibility that it may be more deep.

If the first two sections don't give you relief, then it may be time for a PC doctor. These kinds of fixits are better served in front of the PC. It can be fixed remotely, but it is fraught with peril and difficulty =).

Or, you could just reload windows too, that often fixes a hard-to-find problem. You shouldn't have to remove any of your user documents (if they're in 'My Documents') but you will have to reload your program files. This procedure can be fraught with dangers too, so I'm not sure if it'd be down your alley (not knowing your skill level).

Low memory can be a problem, but I'd doubt it would BSOD on it's own. Though I don't know the two programs you're using, so they could be real memory hogs. Plus, the programs could be conflicting with your windows version (XP home, ME, 98, etc). That's worth checking too.

Hopefully that will give you some directions to try. Start with the easy and free ones first =).

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Jul 15, 2007 01:47 pm

Also run scandisk overnight/weekend to do a surface scan of the harddrives. If sectors are going bad they can lead to BSODs as files in swap get corrupted.

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