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Hold 'Em Czar
Member Since: Dec 30, 2004

so i've been usin' my work computer as my main "ipod home" and i've got a bunch of podcasts that i've subscribed to....i just bought a junker computer for the house, and i need to know how do i keep my podcast subscriptions so i can continue to recieve them at my home? is there an 'itunes profile' or some kinda file i can save?

thanks in advance!


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Czar of Midi
Since: Apr 04, 2002

Jun 04, 2007 10:54 pm

Ya, I think you simply need to install iTunes on the PC at home an just log into your profile or what ever and it should be all good.

Since: Jan 24, 2006

Jun 05, 2007 01:28 am

Sorry, noize it doesn't work like that. The podcasts are all stored locally.

I don't know how well this works but...

Look for your itunes XML, usually found in My Documents / My Music / iTunes

Copy the
iTunes Music Library.xml
and iTunes Library.itl files

Open the XML in wordpad and you'll see it's a path to everything. If you want to move your music the same way you either create a matching folder on the new PC or do a global rename. Also in the XML is your podcast list.

You'll have to experiment and see.

Hold 'Em Czar
Since: Dec 30, 2004

Jun 05, 2007 01:36 pm

yeah...i might just re-subscribe to them....i donno if i'm comfortable messin' with the library thing either...i've got plenty of mp3's on my hard drive that i do not want synced or copied onto the iP...but i also wanna dump all my current podcasts onto the same hard drive...grr i think i'm just gonna rock winamp for this.

Czar of Midi
Since: Apr 04, 2002

Jun 05, 2007 07:54 pm

Oooo, tony that isn't too good of them to do that is it. Glad you popped in though as I didn't know iTunes did that either. I know mys on subscribes to a couple of shows through somewhere and he simply logs in. ot using iTunes though. He can go to a friends and simply log in to whatever and away he goes.

If I'm not mistaken he is using WinAmp as well.

Hold 'Em Czar
Since: Dec 30, 2004

Jun 17, 2007 11:23 pm

ok the problem is worse than i anticipated. i can't find any .xml files on the ipod or on my home pc (although i'm sure they're there, i just can't see the extentions)

first, i wanna dump what's already on my ipod onto my home pc (so i can have a backup of all my podcasts).
then i wanna be able to move some (not all) of the music that's already on my home pc...i've got the auto sync turned off because i do NOT want my pc and ipod synced at all...

i just wanna be able to move podcasts and mp3's freely to and from my pc and this too much to ask? noize i heard you can drag and drop with winamp...i've got the newest version of winamp and i still can't figure it out!! why can't i just open the damn thing in explorer and cut/copy/paste within the folders??!!....freakin' apple, always tryin' to complicate things....i can't even "see" the files i have on my ipod when i go into it in explorer, and dig around...

on top of that (and i think this is a completely separate issue, could be wrong though), it just started having syncing problems and cannot even sync with my work computer...(which it's never had a problem before)'s giving some kinda corrupt file warning (three times i have to get the same warning and click ok, so i'm assuming it's three podcasts (((oohh! it only downloads three at a time, and my work's computer's c drive filled up so it stopped them in mid d/l a last week!!!))

so yeah, i guess they are related now, but yeah, i need a way to get into it and delete the bad onesm and also copy all the good one's to my home computer....eventually i wanna setup my home computer as my new "ipod home" and just use work to charge the battery when needed.

on top of THAT, neither of the two soundcards (SB, and intergrated) are recognized by XPH SP2....but on top of that i CAN get audio out of cakewalk through my soundcard (cuz cakewalk is that good)!! only IT runs as WDM 16 bit, but while installing the original cd driver it flashes it's background screen that tells of its ASIO drivers with 24/ i don't even wanna know what's up with that yet, it just won't play mp3's and what not! AAAEERRG! i have no choice for audio devices in my control panel.

my head hurts and i've got blood stains on my earlobes!

i'm never buying a used computer again....that's fo sho.

on top of that i think i just made my first rant sandwich HA

Hold 'Em Czar
Since: Dec 30, 2004

Jun 18, 2007 12:13 am

ok it says the file ipod_control/itunes or something like that is corrupt...plz run chkdsk utility....where the heck is this checkdisk utility...i'm not seein' it on the ipod itesf or in anything in itunes...*burp*

only beer and sheer will itself can beat this!

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