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Sound Ninja
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Nice to meet you all. I can say I have filled my head with knowledge over the last week or so but this one still stumps me.

I use Cubase SE(barebones for the moment) And after I mixdown into a .WAV file it losses a very noticable amount of cleanliness and audio quality. I have done some research and some talk about a Audio Compression Manager in windows that has to be modified. I cant find it anywhere unfortunatly. I made sure all my levels where good when mixing down so thats not the problem. I also heard that Cubase SX (which i cannot find eaither, not sure is they are refering to SE3) has a mixdown enhancer that helps this problem out quite a bit. Do I simply need an upgrade or just some schoolin?? Andyone have any advice?

Thanks for all you help and nice to meet everyone. :)


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May 29, 2007 06:40 pm

Well, I haven't really worked with SE, although I have always worked with Cubase. And I can't say I have had the problem you are describing. I also no nothing of a compression manager or mixdown enhanser, so outside of letting you know that your thread is being read, I'm not sure I can help much.

Some Questions; please don't feel offended if they seem elementary, I am clueless as to what you need.

1. Are you playing your mixdown back on the same speaker set? Speakers can make a difference.

2. Are you playing back your mixdown at the same volume? Volume can make a huge perceptual difference.

3. Are you recording at a higher bit rate than your are mixing down at? e.g. are you recording at 32bit float than mixing down to 16 bit? Without using what is called dithering can cause a perceptual difference in fidelity.

4. Are your recording at a higher sample rate than you are mixing down to. e.g. are you reacording at 48Kbts and mixing down to 44.1Kbts? In this case you probably do hear a difference in the fidelity and it may just be a law of physics that we all have to deal with, dependant upon how severe the difference is.

5. Are you playing back your mixdown through Cubase SE? The playback of Cubase may be quite a bit better than say Media player per differences in the programs and the hardware they address in playing back the material.

All I can think of at present, or in the eliquent words of Forest; "and that's all I have to say about that'

Sound Ninja
Since: May 29, 2007

May 29, 2007 08:35 pm

Dont worry no offense taken my bit rates and volumes are the same I think the diffrence is in the playback of diffrent programs. I know I need to mess with my leveling in the recording process a bit becuase im still learning. Anyone have a suggestion for an affordable Mastering program?

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