Buy my friends Fostex VF160EX or buy a mixer for my 0404

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Buying a mixer would be cheaper but I love the ability for the fostex to be used away from the computer. Its not really mobile but it has a cd burner attached. Which would you choose and why.

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Czar of Cheese
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Mar 02, 2007 06:01 pm

A lot depends on what you want to record. The Fostex will allow you to record 8 channels at once, and is expandable to allow 16 simultaneous channels. I have the VF-16, and I use it to record my band. 16 channels at once is quite a luxury! Then I can dump the tracks to my computer for mixdown and mastering (or sometimes I mix right on the Fostex.) Coco uses a very similar setup to mine.

However, if you're just recording a track or two at a time, then a mixer for your 0404 will serve you well. I have a small mixer connected to a Behringer FCA202 that I use when I'm just recording myself. So, I guess I have the best of both worlds!

Think about what you want to do with your equipment, and that should help you determine which option to go with.

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