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can i install this? there's this program:

soundcrank. apparently adds lyrics to all your mp3s. i have wanted something like this so that i can view lyrics in my ipod. i downloaded it and it said it needed to install the 2.0 framework. looked it up quickly on wiki. also noticed i have 1.1 installed. went to install the 2.0 and my antivirus software, as it always does, prompted me to decide whether i want to make the registry change. i dont know why but most of those registry change warnings spook me. the specific words in the warnings. the hints at possible misuses, etc. so i didn't go through with it. i want to, though. should i? i just cancelled the install of the 2.0 and then removed it. the 2.0 was bundled with the program, btw.

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Feb 21, 2007 06:14 am

Adding .Net framework is pretty harmless as far as possible downsides it's just a virtual machine for .Net, kinda like Sun has for Java, a library of functions and such for .Net programmers to use in their apps.

Prince CZAR-ming
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Feb 21, 2007 01:26 pm

If you're fearful of the .net bundled with the software, I'm gonna guess you can DL it from microsoft.

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Feb 21, 2007 05:20 pm

right, you can DL from MS. but thankfully i am using a free yahoo widget now instead, called itunes companion

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