How to use my seemingly random equipment together???

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I have sort of "inhereted a fair bit of sound equipment and a friend and I are anxious to start using it, but i am lost,

We have a TASCAM DP-01fx mixer
a Roland R-8M rack mount drum module
an Akai 16 pad midi pad controller/USB
A Boss Dr Sample SP 303 sampler
a couple mics, a couple guitars
and a home stereo (amp/receiver, cd, speakers)

now i can play the roland demo song using a 1/4 inch jack to the stereo in of the tascam and rca's from the tascam to the home stereo, i assume if i switched the 1/4 inch jack from the stereo in (tascam side) to the mic/guitar input that that would allow me to record the roland. I am going to install the akai midi pad software on the computer tonight and see if i can get a grip on setting the controller up to work with the roland...any advice??

What are the recomendations for the best way to setup the above list of equiptment? I am trying to "NOT" have a computer in the system, is it possible to use midi without a computer in the system? Is the system missing anything critical?

PLASE ANY HELP would be greatly appreciated... Thanks

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Feb 14, 2007 01:35 pm

I'm not familiar with any of that equipment personally, but it would seem that you would just input all of the different equipment into different channels on the mixer, and output the mixer into the stereo. However, I don't see where you're going to record (the tape player on your stereo???!!!).

Also, does the AKAI midi pad controller have a midi out, or only a usb out? In general, you can use midi without a computer.

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