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i use sonar 2.0 xl, and after i use the neccesairy plugins for tracks my computer is so bogged down i cant hear the final outcome and my mixes suffer. for example, i recorded for my friends band, and they used a drum machine. so i had one track for all the drums, two guitar tracks with waves eq, cakewalk compression, and waves reverb each, then one bass track with waves eq, cakewalk compression, one vocal track with waves eq, waves reverb, cakewalk compression, cakewalk amp simulator, and then two guitar solo tracks, with reverb and eq each. after all that i couldnt play the song at all. it would always dropout as soon as i hit play, and the meter at the bottom of the screen thats say CPU would hit like 97 %. at first i thought i needed more ram, so i went out and bought more, it helped a little bit. my computer specs are :
pentium 4 1.50 gHz 768 DDR ram
delta 66 with omni I/O breakout box
does anyone know what is going on with my computer? any here use DSP cards? would that help me?

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Jan 04, 2003 01:40 pm

My first thought is what else is running on your PC? DO youhave any other apps running in your task bar like Anti-virus, system utilities, instant messengers...things like that? Also, that is a pretty good list of plugins there...reverb can be very resource heavy at times depending on thow much of it is being used...have you tried disabling each one, one at a time and see if it may tell you which one is giving you the problems.

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Jan 05, 2003 06:21 am

i used to get the same with cubase...ditto what db said...a way round it is to bounce the tracks down with different effects : eg, export a track with one effect only, then import it back into te mix and add the other effects on after. it can be a drawn out process, but it saves on processsor stress outs!

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Jan 05, 2003 06:34 pm

Thats because you're putting effects like reverb on each individual track

open a bus and put reverb on that bux and send everything that needs rever to that bus... so only 1 plugin does reverb for 8 or so tracks... can't do compression that way though :) ... if each track has to have different reverb then make an exact copy of the track and archive one of them and fool with the settings and apply the effects to the track... it's not "bouncing" but is basically the same thing I just don't remember how SONAR terms it :)

If you decide you want to change it later you still have the archived origional :)

a little tedious but reverb really sucks up CPU speed...but I use the ANWIDA (sp?) Reverb Light

and you may need to increase your buffers (ALOT) options->audio slide it all the way to "safe"

there will be huge lag but it free up some resources

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