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I'm setting up a home PC for recording and am looking for advice on decent & affordable multi-track recording software.

I'll be making tracks by myself by separately recording guitar, vocals and drum machine. I suppose I might be adding soft synths or a MIDI keyboard down the road.

My PC: P4 2.4 ghz, intel 845PE chipset, 512 ddr ram, 7200 rpm hard drive with 8 mb cache, 64mb agp slot video card, good & fast CD-RW drive.

My sound card: Terratec DMX 6Fire 24/96. Supports WDM, ASIO & MME drivers. Bundled with WaveLab Lite & a CD burner. Has RCA inputs for CD, tape, phono, 1/4 inch mono mic input, as well as optical & coaxial SPDIF in & out.

My other equipment: a Yamaha analog 4-track recorder, 4 1/4 inch inputs, auxiliary send, no digital at all ... ALSO: a Lexicon MPX 200 digital effects processor with 44.1 ghz digital output & 1/4 analog out.

My software budget: I can't really justify spending much more on my DAW gear ... I would love to go with pro-level Sonar or Pro Tools, etc., but must limit myself to consumer level of $150 or so.

The questions:

1. I'm leaning toward buying Home Studio 2002 XL for my recording software. What do people think of this product, considering my needs?

2. Does Home Studio XL compare to Cubasis VST 4.0? How do they differ? Is there another affordable product I should consider?

3. How does the bundled WaveLab Lite fit into the picture? I understand that it's mainly mastering software, but can I use it to record?

Thanks everyone!

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Jan 03, 2003 05:15 am

I really can't answer your questions cuz I don't know home studio or cubasis well, but another app to look at is IntuitiveMX is pretty nice and a decent price...

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