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Hey guys and gals...just FYI, I just got a book from Wiley Press, Web Marketing for Dummies www.amazon.com/gp/redirec...p;creative=9325

For those of you into web businesses, like I know many of us are, I found it to be pretty interesting, lots of interesting ideas, ways to plan your business, budget yourself, free and pay marketing tactics, of course search engine ranking advice...all sorts of cool stuff covered in the classic "for Dummies" non-techie way.

Might be worth checking out, I know I've enjoyed the reading.

Another good one I read lately, targeting the busy techie-minded person is "Lifehacker" www.amazon.com/gp/redirec...p;creative=9325 a good read as well.

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Czar of Midi
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Jan 09, 2007 08:25 pm

Lifehacker sounds interesting enough. Might have to grab that one and pass it to the kids after I'm done. Nice find dB.

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