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So whats everyone into?

I have $600 in Intrusion INTZ ...990shares at $.50 and an aditional 235 shares at $.35...currently at .458... Theres been some regular insider buying by the CEO and CFO for a while and some "conspiracyesque" activity... example... regularly the stock would trade deciently and move up through the day and at close a couple hundred shares would be sold at market so the price would close down... when this didn't happen last friday the price jumped 20%... I think this company is toying with profitability and I think it will atleast hit a dollar during the spring.

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Jan 01, 2007 08:11 pm

PLN, the stock of the year.

Precious metal mining in Duluth, MN area, great studies being done, lots of space and on-site processing, contract for processing a soon opening neighboring mine, rail acquisitions...good stuff, man!

Still have money in the ADZR penny stock I plan on holding forever...still got faith, but it's still long term faith.

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