Converting Garage to Band Practice room/recoding studio

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Hi, i am currently in the process of converting a shed into a COMPLETLY sound proof studio (if possible) there is, however, a couple of problems

-the roof is a flat roof with galvanised sheeting on rafters, i was thinking of packing it with quilt insulation and then maybe double plaster slabing (sheet rock) with sound block sheets. does anyone know if this is enough, i kinda doubt it myself but would appreciate some advice, has any one converted anything similar in the past?

-the walls are made of cavity blocks, so dampness and severe lack of acoustic insulation are major factors. i was thinkin stud partition heavly insulated

I have alot experience with carpentry and building in general but not enough to block the sound into this garage!!
I would appreciate any advice
Thanks very much
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Dec 10, 2006 01:45 am

The ceiling treatment can depend partially on how high it is. If it is low and close say below 9 feet then yes your suggestion will work well. If it is higher then unless you are worried about airplane noise or other overhead noise I wouldn't get too drastic with it. In fact if it is a trussed roof you can actually do a suspended ceiling with sheetblock and that will work well also as the air gap will help to eliminate noise as well.

As for the block wall's, I do suggest probably a 2 x 6 stud wall heavily insulated and possibly use a vapor barrier then acoustic treatment if needed.

How big is the shed by the way. There are several people here who have made great use out of shed's and the like.

And welcome to HRC by the way.


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