Logic Pro 7 VS Pro Tools 7

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I would like to know the Serious differences in this 2 programs and the plus and minuses, I would like a honest opinion from a proffesional point of view. can ANY one Help?????

Noize 2u any opinions?!?!

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Oct 21, 2006 07:19 am

Logic is now Mac only and I always personallty found the interface pretty unintuitive.

Pro Tools is totally proprietary and will only work with DigiDesign hardware, Pro Tools plugins are very expensive. It's pretty easy to use, much more logical than Logic (ironically).

Both are fully capable of creating great sounding audio.

Thats my two cents.

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Oct 21, 2006 09:34 pm

dB has it right on the money with that. Logic is now Mac only, if you have a Mac I would recomend it over Pro Tools any day of the week. Other then the very steep leanring curve it is a well done program and works just fine.

As dB stated Pro Tools will only run with their proprietary hardware. And it honestly is not cheap at all. There are no free pluggins, and really nothing free for PT out there at all. I just installed a PT rig for a customer about 3 months or so ago. It is a 16 channel rig which will run 32 tracks of audio. The complete software/hardware package set him back over $12,000.00 US. And he honestly has about one tenth the amount of DSP pluggins I have just in Sonar alone. And honestly they are nothing to write home about. I know of several freeware pluggins that are as good as what he payed big money for.

And thats my 5 cents worth.

But that said, if you have the cash to lay out for a PT rig it is a very good app and pretty straight forward. Just be forwarned that upgrades cost many times more then something along the lines of Cubase or Sonar or even Logic.

Since: Oct 14, 2006

Oct 23, 2006 01:37 pm

Wow,cool thanks guys that really xplains what I waslooking for, defentatly Logic is a bit hard to leARN, like you said , unlogic, but as longist you can get good sound out of it, thats the point, plus the plugins ar enot that xpensive an dfree to manipulate... Thanks for the tip!!!!!

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