Alesis Multimix: USB or Firewire

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So I'm looking at these alesis(es) {alesi}
and im thinking of either the 12 or the 16

and the USB's are on average a couple bills cheaper than the firewires

now I could go either way connectivity-wise

But I'm not exactly sure and this is why I'm asking
What exactly would I be sacrificing for those couple bills?
Given my limited understanding on ports and this business, Im assuming that USBs allow less transfer
and thus latency is gonna become an issue. But then again I'm a total loser at beginning to understand all this digital nonsense.

So basically.
Would you recommend the firewire over the USB
or vice versa?

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Czar of Midi
Since: Apr 04, 2002

Oct 18, 2006 04:52 pm

Its not that the firewire speed is faster at all, USB 2.0 actually has the better transfer rate at the moment.

The reason for the extra 200 smackers is that the firewire mixers can send multi channel audio such as 8 or more channels at once. Were the USB mixers can only send a stereo or 2 channel signal at one time to the PC you record on.

So depending on your needs, that is the answer to the question.

Be aware though that you will definately need the 6 pin firewire as the 4 pin is non powered and can cause some real problems when trying to run these firewire mixers.

Since: Dec 04, 2005

Oct 19, 2006 12:48 pm

danke noize
always the coolest.

Czar of Midi
Since: Apr 04, 2002

Oct 19, 2006 09:00 pm

No problem.

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