Fostex MR-8

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Does anyone have any insight into this machine? I'll be getting one in a week or two and I'm excited about starting my first recording project. I also want to record gigs live with it possibly by using the 2 tracks with a stereo mic rig?

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Since: Apr 03, 2002

Dec 20, 2002 06:34 pm

OH! two tracks! You have 8, you could really get a decent live sound out of this with some time and a cooperative sound dude...I have not personally played with the unit but I have read some decent reviews in sound mags and such...

Even for home recording, it's got amp emulators, reverb, delays mastering effects. It can work with a PC by importing and exporting wav files...WooHoo!

Cute band site, by the way, nice gig list, your playing about once a week, very cool. "Also, we've been noticing a lack of "Free Shots" at our shows so ladies... just remember skin to win!"...Now that is my kind of band :-)

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Dec 22, 2002 10:53 pm

i'm not far from gettysburg and shippensburg. i might have to come to a show sometime ;O) -j

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Dec 26, 2002 10:41 am

Thanks for the vote of confidence! Now here's another question... I've only got 2 Sm57's for starting out recording. Is there another essential mic that I should look at? I was thinking a low end condenser, but my unit doesn't have phantom power and I don't have a mixer

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