Emu 0404 - newbie needs some clarification!

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I just bought the Emu 0404 PCI sound system. I have installed it into my PC, and installed the most up-to-date drivers from emu's website.

I opened the manual/tutorial PDFs and almost had a heart attack. :D

I am not an audiophile in any sense of the word... I am simple an amateur guitarist looking to record onto his PC from his acoustic guitar.

I only want a simple setup... aka plugging my acoustic directly into one of the 1/4" inputs, and being able to record it into a program (preferably Audacity). This machine also has an integrated sound card, and I would like to be able to hear what I am playing as I play it (for when I add effects in real time).

Can anyone clarify what I will need to configure? I know nothing about this SPDIF and ASIO and VST stuff. I just want to be able to record. :D

Thanks a lot!

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Sep 29, 2006 07:09 pm

Hello Kurtis,

Welcome to HRC

There are two issues here.

Firstly, if your acoustic doesn't have an on board preamp (look for a volume control) then you will need to boost the signal before it gets to the emu 404. You can do this with a cheap pre amp for about 30. If you have an onboard pre amp then no worries.

Secondly, You need to set up your computer to recognize the 404 and to use it instead of your factory sound card. I presume you are running xp. Just go to control panel, sound/audio devices, and find the 404. Make sure its 'enabled' and you are using it for everything.

After this has been done the last thing is to get audacity to recognise it. Just find the setup menu and look for record/playback devices. I'd have thought it would be quite simple though I don't use it. Check the help file in audacity for sound card issues. Alternatively wait until someone here fills you in. I know alot of people are familiar with audacity.

Hope this helps,

good luck!


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Sep 29, 2006 07:16 pm

Hi Flashman,

Thanks for the quick reply. (and the welcome)

My acoustic does have an onboard equalizer + volume adjustments. I also have a RP80 (www.digitech.com/products/rp80.htm) which has a single 1/4" input and 2 1/4" outputs, which I occasionally use for effects.

Under my XP control panel, I have set the 0404 to be my default device for recording on both the Audio and Voice tabs.

My problem is that the "Patchmix DSP" program is insanely complex for a newbie like me. :D It has a bunch of presets, but they have AUX outputs, SPDIF inputs, and tons of other stuff I don't understand (or probably need).

From what I gathered from the manuals, I have to create a new "strip" in their program and "send" it to Windows itself? I'm really confused. :x

I am thusfar unable to get the Patchmix program to recognize my guitar (which is plugged into the "white" input, apparently the left) at all. I strum the strings, and the peak meters don't show anything.

Thanks again

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