no midi sound from edirol ua 25

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I cannot hear any midi sound from the edirol ua25. I have looked into manuals, etc. - still no hope. On the other hand, all other sounds (wav, mp3 etc) play ok.
If I start SONAR LE and if it plays midi demo - I can hear nothing. At the same I can record from my rolland to sonar LE - just that I don't hear anything!
Could you please help explaining, step by step how to connect and set up all things together?
My stuff:
1. Edirol UA 25
2. Rolland 300 sx (should I connect it via midi out to edirol, or via usb to PC or both...???)
3. On-board sound card Realtek (should I switch the driver off?)

many thanks for help!!


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Aug 13, 2006 11:51 am

First off, welcome to HRC.

Now lets ask a couple of questions first.

In Sonar LE what are you using for the synth, a software synth or are you trying to get the Roalnd to playback you midi notes?

Now onto the explanation. Midi is actually data only, there is no actual sound to the midi tracks themselves. They need to be assigned to either a software synth or an external synth to actually make the sounds you want to hear.

For instance if you load a demo of a midi sequance you will need to add a software synth such as the TTS-1 or Roland sound canvas which are general midi compatable and will play the instruments sounds assigned to the demo's midi channels. Use the Synth Rack feature in Sonar to open one of them. Then you will need to assign the output of each of the midi tracks to that particular synth and you will get sound. Make sure to assing the synth's audio track to you UA-25 as its audio output.

I would suggest reading in the manual and following the tutorials included in the manual to get yourself familier with how this is all done. Cakewalks includes some killer tutorials and such that will lead you straight down the proper path for doing this.

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