Boss BR532, converting smart media to mp3s, can anyone help?

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Hello all,
I'm a complete beginner at home recording and would appreciate some help. I've got a Boss BR532 4 track which i'd like to use to make some rough demos of my songs. Can anyone tell me what software/hardware i need to convert the digital data on my 4 track to mp3 on my computer;what leads, converters etc, and how to go about doing it please? Cheers!

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Jul 03, 2006 06:20 am

Boss has free woftware that will convert your music to wav...once it is on your computer in wav format, go get Audacity (freeware wave editor) and the mp3 encoder for it (it uses the Lame encoder as I recall) and convert them that way.

I am not sure if you can go straight to mp3 from the Boss.

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Jul 03, 2006 08:30 pm

Here is the page for the conversion software.

And here is the link to Audacity.

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Jul 05, 2006 05:23 am

cheers guys, thanks for your help.

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Jul 05, 2006 12:39 pm

Hi Adam. Welcome to HRC.
I have a BR-532. It's a nice unit. I found some restrictions, but I made some nice sounding demos on there. As mentioned above, by dB-Wan, the software will convert to WAV, and then you'll need to convert that to MP3. If you do decide to get into a computer DAW to record, consider putting in a soundcard with an optical input. I use my BR-532 as my link from my mixer to the soundcard, and then into Cubase. Digital link.
It's a very clean input, plus you have all the COSM effects available. My old BR532 has found new life. The slap bass patch is magnificant for bass (not just slap), and the JC120 is lush!
Above all...have fun, and get a 128MB smartmedia card. Also, run in Hi-Fi mode for the cleanest sound. It will really expand your possibilities.

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