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I'm thinking about changing my setup from a boss 8 track recorder(one xlr in) to hopefully something that has about 8 inputs... and i'm wondering whether i should beef up my computer or buy a digital workstation (the one i'm thinking about is a Korg D888 8-Track);bfmtype=gear

My computer currently is a AMD Athlon xp 3200+, with 256mb ram, and 40gb... besides the obvoius drive space and ram, what type of hardware/software would be required to have a decent multi-input setup? Or would the workstation be a better idea?

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May 25, 2006 06:08 pm

I'd go for the computer, offers a lot more usability and expandability in the long my opinion.

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May 25, 2006 07:14 pm

I second dB. There is way more expandability and versatility with the computer and you could do pretty well with the $700 you would have spent on the workstation.

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May 25, 2006 10:27 pm

Ok, this site has been alot of help...I've done a little bit of searching and found a setup that may suite my need:

E-MU 1820 Computer Recording System

which have a few questions about this type of hardware, the 1/4 trs inputs, whould i be able to use a 1/4 trs to xlr female cable/snake to hook it up to a mic? and for trs inputs would i need a preamp to get a better sound out of them (because think only the first 2 inputs are preamped)

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May 26, 2006 09:34 pm

Hi bob, indeed a pre amp would be needed to get a mic direct into the audio interface. Most use a small mixer for the versatility, but a dedicated pre amp is fine too depending on the type of recording you will be doing. A dedicated pre is wonderfullif all you plan on doing is recording say acoustic guitar and vocals, or piano and vox.

But if you are looking at recording a larger project, say a rock band or something then the mixer might be the better alternative. Even so far as a multi-buss mixer.

I will however put a little info out here for you on the E-Mu unit. It is in reality not much more then a SoundBlaster or Creative Audigy type unit. They claim profesional levels as well as astounding AD/DA converters. They are fine for the most part, but if you plan on hitting the upper levels of quality then it is not the type of interface I would recomend. As well they have had a major slew of driver and compatability issue's with the units. I have even seen several issues with them posted here and problems never really resolved.

Your money might be more wisely spent on something from M-Audio or ESI. Are you looking for at least 8 inputs going into the PC? If so then those manufacturer's I listed above have very affordable units.

As for the PC, the processor should be just fine. I would look at adding some RAM and a second hard drive dedicated to audio only. Meaning it is not the system drive which would remain your 40 gig drive.

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May 29, 2006 12:11 pm

For the cost of a digital workstation, you could purchase a multi channel A/D converter, decent two channel pre, and a decent mic. There is also plenty of free/inexpensive software and plu-ins. If you buy a "packaged" DAW there will be little or no means to upgrade/update as technology continues is rapid development. Todays $1000.00 DAW is tomorrows $100.00 winning bid on e-bay.

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