Help with using D'tech RP12 to Control MIDI for Yamaha PSR E303 in Cubase

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Hi all, I am using CubaseSX 3 on Windows XP Pro and as the title says I am trying to link up my Digitech RP12 to my Yamaha PSR E303 midi keyboard as it does not have much functionallity as far as pitch bend, modulation etc and I just discovered that my D'tech RP12 has MIDI in/out on the back of it and in the manual it says that I can use it to control various elements of a MIDI setup. The manual for the D'tech is here under the Guitar Products subfolder and the E303 manual is here,00.html

I am not asking you to download these and pour over them to find a solution to my prob they are just there for any tech heads who know what they are doing and would be able to snap their fingers with a solution just by a quick browse.....if there are any out there kind enough to do so.

Now, for a few weeks I have had my PSR E303 hooked up to my computer using a "M.Audio" MIDI to USB connector and it is all fine and good (except for one annoying prob at the start where I could not get sounds to stop repeating themselves (if they played at all) and it would all end up in a steaming pile. But by pressing the Dual button to turn it on the problem dissapeared (although that brought the extra problem of having 2 sounds play instead of one but thats good now)) so anyways, it's been all good I use the ASIO4All asio driver and I get darn good latency. So because it all works the way I want it to I haven't needed to get much deeper but this problem seems to require it.

The MIDI to USB cable has a MIDI In and MIDI out connector and it works fine with just the MIDI out connected to the keyboard and the USB connected to the computer which leaves the MIDI In connector on my cable and at the back of my keyboard free. I have just bought 2 MIDI to MIDI cables thinking I could use them to make it work somehow but I don't know how.

Sorry for the long wind.

Can anyone help or at least point me in the right direction with weblinks or something plz?

Thankyou muchly in advance.

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Apr 28, 2006 01:12 am

I'm guessing that you'd want to go:

Yamaha MIDI OUT to RP12 MIDI IN------- then
Yamaha AUDIO OUT to RP12 AUDIO IN. RP12 AUDIO OUT to soundcard in/amp

That way, by moving dials etc. on your keyboard you'll be changing settings of certain patches in your RP12 therefore altering the sound of your keyboard? If your yamaha doesn't have much in the way a fancy buttons etc, I don't think you could control much in your RP12.

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Apr 28, 2006 10:20 pm

Brenno, are you trying to get control of some of the functions like pitch bend and what not? I am not sure how much control the digitech will have over the yamaha without some pretty deep controller number assigning and the like.

Let me know, and if I get a minute or two I will ahve a look and see if it is even possible.

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