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This kind of insane but I will post it anyhow...

The basement in my house being fully finished...It is near completion which means I can finally setup again...The space includes, living area, full bathroom, and a BR.

Ok...heres my thought. The bedroom, deemed 'the studio', is a 10'x12' box just off to the side of the living area...To me, I dont think this is adaquate space for mixing/mastering. I feel I need an area like the living space where the sound can spread more...The bedroom would be great for vocals, or a few guitarists to sit and jam...but it doesn't feel right for mixing to me...

So would it be a sin to intermix my workstation with the living room stuff?? Meaning the living space will be like your typical living room but with a PC in it...All other devices (TV, DVD, etc..) would be off while music work is going on...

I would have the device mixer in the bedroom and send my MAIN/SUB OUTS thru the wall into my PC/Monitors where I would be mixing and so on...

Id like to work in a bigger room, without taking over the whole basement for studio purposes because we still will entertain guests down there....

Which means my desk would not be in the living space...I might be mixing from my as that sounds...

I have a pdf for email if anyone wants to see the layout...

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Apr 25, 2006 12:41 pm

I am in the planning stages of finishing my basement, which sounds like it'll be much like yours, the difference is my studio will be approximately 14' square (not square tho, just a ball-park size.

What you are proposing isn't a sin by any means, my main consideration would be how much smoking would there be in your living area as opposed to your studio. Gear hates smoke.

Also, good nearfield monitors are not really very affected by room size, and monitoring on bigger speakers can easily be done by burning reference CD's, or, send an output to your living room stereo system.

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Apr 25, 2006 02:02 pm

lol gear hates smoke!! i love it..

yeah dB is spot on here with the nearfield refrence (pun?)....i am accually a bedroom mixer due to my roomate situation, i really don't want my stuff out in the open like that....i've got tons of foam on the wall, bass trap (wedge style) from floor to ceiling (just in the one corner that i am facing) which is another acoustic sin...mixing in the corner...but i've got a dedicated subwoofer with variable crossover that i use for checkin' the lows...cuz my sweet spot has virtually nothing below 80hz....but point being, you can adapt to your envrionment IF you work at it.

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Apr 25, 2006 02:36 pm

Makes sense...Maybe I will just stick with the room then...Ive got around 100 sf of foam (no bass traps tho)...

I just figured I would throw out the see if anyone else is running anything similar...Last time I mixed in a boxy room, it was smaller and since then I have learned some theories and such to apply to my upcoming sessions...

Deebs, if you need any work on CAD regarding you're layout let me know...If you plan to get a building permit they'll want something in the form of a plan...

Since: Apr 03, 2002

Apr 25, 2006 02:38 pm

Thanks for the offer, I may come to ya. Last time they took a well layed graph-paper drawn design, and said they would this time, so hopefully, that will work, but if I do need something more, it's certainly nice have a place to go :-)

Jack of all trades master of ___
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Apr 25, 2006 03:03 pm

I am sure it will get you your permit...In instances like this, the city sees alot of souped up "napkin" sketches and they have to run with it...Not everyone has CAD...

But yeah, let me know if theres anything on that side I can do...It will help me better balance out the favors youve done for me

Remember...stagger your studs!!!

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Apr 26, 2006 10:36 pm

Jason, jsut to add my 2 cents on the room size. dB can tell ya, my mixing room is only about 14 x 15. And I do just fine in here. It is treated with Auralex though and that makes the differance. And it is stuffed with stuff. :-)

I have plenty of room to move around, several chairs , 2 racks, all my mixing needs and large format live speakers. And it really isnt too crowded in here.

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