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Well, im young (16) and have alot to learn ahead of me i have just joined this forum yesterday and have already learned alot!

I am trying to record tracks, and beats with a program plus my casio midi keyboard. I need help setting everything up to get good quality recording sounds.

My equipment:
-Dell PC (dimension 8200) i think it has 210 ram but im paying 66 dollers to boost it up to 510 or something in the 500

-A Eurorack UB802 mixer

-A Shure pg58 mic

-Two 33 inch sony speakers

-A marantz audio/video reciever SR780

-Software=Magix studio 2005 deluxe AND magix music maker 10 deluxe

And i want to record good quality songs. And record sounds from my keyboard onto my computer to make beats. I would like some recommendations on equipment that would be good for what i am trying to accomplish. So if anyone can give oppinions or experiences. This is what i am thinking about getting from reading this forum and that is affordable for me.

What i want to get:
- Line 6 TonePort UX2 soundcard
-Digital vocal 300 vocal processor
-M-audio studio pro 4 desktop speakers
-Alesis SR16 drum machine
-Stienberge Cubase Sx3

What do you guys think????

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Apr 23, 2006 03:59 pm

Welcome to HRC young jedi.

You are likely being boosted to 512 MB Ram. I can also pretty much gaurantee you don't have 33" speakers...the cabs maybe, but not the speakers themselves. To get the speacker size, measure the diamweter of the largest speaker in the cab and take note of how many speakers are in it.

Your goals seem good, the gear you want seems good, tho, for the short term, the TonePort can make a good processor for vocals too, so you can make the TonePort work as your vocal processor as well.

You could, depending on the capabilities of the Magix software, have a software drum machine, or, it may have one already, so be sure you look into that before spending money...when you upgrade to Cubase I know for a fact you could do software drum machines, and I prefer those to things like the Alesis because you can more easily build your own drum kits and even make your own drum samples to use.

Since: Apr 22, 2006

Apr 23, 2006 09:57 pm

Thanks, and yea i just got this knew program called EJAY its for hip hop mostly but it has plenty of different sounds on it to make beats. I want to get different speaker though.And the speakers stand that high but if i take off the face then there is 3 speakers 1 little one and a medium 1 then a bigger 1. Hopefully i learn how to hook all this up to my pc and im boostin my ram up to 512. I cant wait to get my new sound card. I will be needing alot of help hooking it to my computer with everything i have so i will be back! And magix has some drums. I think i blew the speakers on my keyboard because when i just play the keyboard by itslef it has a real messed up sound to it coming from the speakers that are built into the keyboard so im goin to take it back i got a warrany on it. And what do u think is a good microphone for cheap?

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Apr 25, 2006 11:19 am

Hey mellow,

the PG 58 isn't that bad is it?

If your'e looking to uprgade then I reckon a shure sm57 might be nice. It's a bit of a legend really.;model=SM57LC

or maybe an sm58. They're both good all rounders at under 70.

If you do alot of acoustic stuff or vocals the studio projects B1 condenser is great as has got some top reviews



Since: Apr 22, 2006

Apr 25, 2006 09:41 pm

Thanks flash, well i havent really got the chace to try out my mic cuz i need to get more things before i start recording but from what i did with it, its not all that great, and thanks for the links i will be sure to look in on it and yea i didnt no it was a dynamic mic so im goin to get a condesor mic 4 sure!!!!!

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