recording with 2 mics, stereo/mono?

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hello, i have a dynamic mic and a condensor mic. i connect both mics to my ART two channel preamp, and run each output cable (TRS to RCA) directly to the rca input jack on my ESI Juli@ soundcard. The problem i have is when i set to record in mono in sonar , the sound card only picks up sound in one input while the other input gets no sound. But when i set to set to stereo, it records both mics fine. However i would like to record in mono using both mics so that the sound is even. i do have a behringer 502 mixer but i seem to get good results going directly from my preamp. i thought about getting some kind of Y cable which would take two Trs to one RCA, but i havent seen one . anways, not sure what to do with these 2 mics to get the best results , any tips are appreciated

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Hold 'Em Czar
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Apr 13, 2006 05:04 pm

ya need to set up two channels in sonar, and set your input into Left on one and Right in the should work fine that way.



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