Windows Media 9 Series to be available for download Sept. 4

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Pretty cool stuff.

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Sep 10, 2002 07:45 pm

I'm running Win98se and I've always downgraded to version 6.4 because it loads instantly on my PIII 700MHz PC. WMPv7 took a fraction of a second to load before playing a sample and didn't loop exactly without a slight pause before playing again. for these reasons I've always stuck with v6. Will version 9 alleviate my lag frustrations or am I just anally software retentive? -j

Since: Apr 03, 2002

Sep 10, 2002 08:32 pm

It sure won't load any faster...that I can promise you. All the upgrades and new features in any software application come with a price, and that price is usually a larger application because of the additional code needed for these features. It's the price of progress. Though it does not load faster, the performance, sound quality and size of Media 9's encoded files make it a winner in my book.

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